SNS Bank

Pine Investments GmbH (Buyer)

EmittentWKNISINCommon CodeTechnischer CodePreis
SNS Bank 6.625% 2008-18A0VY01XS0363514893089998352XS089998352118%
SNS Bank 11.25% 2009-PerpA1AQE5XS0468954523089997798XS089997798618%
SNS Bank 6.25% 2010-20A1A2YGXS0552743048089998085XS089998085718%
SNS Bank Float 2003-Perp970371XS0172565482089997909XS089997909918%
SNS Bank 4% Float 1999-19 XS0899984925089998492XS089998492518%
SNS REAAL 6.258% 2007-PerpA0NZVXXS0310904155089997496XS089997496718%
  1. Offer

Pine Investments GmbH is a securities institution with permission for proprietary trading and is registered at the BaFin.  Pine Investments GmbH offers to purchase  the above-mentioned securities at a price of 18 % of the nominal value. The offer (Pro-rata offer) is limited to a total nominal value of 1.500.000,00 EUR.

The acceptance period runs until 31. 05.2022. The declarations of acceptance need to be sent to the buyer until 6:00 p.m. on 31.05.2022 either by FAX, email or post.

2. Acceptance of the offer

Security holders who wish to accept the offer should inform their custodian bank accordingly. This can be done informally or by means of the declaration of acceptance.

The respective custodian bank submits the offer acceptances to the buyer before the end of the acceptance period.

3. Processing and purchase price payment

The purchase price will be transferred to the custodian institution within 3 working days, after expiry of the acceptance period, to the specified account. The transfer of the security takes place, after receipt of the purchase price, by means of a securities account transfer free of payment.

Account data of the buyer:

Pine Investments GmbH

Depot number: 72217104 (Merkur Privatbank) – CBF 7268 – CBL 67268 – Sort Code: 701 308 00

Contact details of the buyer:
Pine Investments GmbH, Große Gallusstraße 18, 60312 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: +49 69 153 221 91 Fax: +49 69 299 570 74 Email: